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I always enjoy that moment of finishing a group of models ready for action. These models still need their heraldry charges adding, but are ready for tabletop use as is.


134 – Andalusian Arab

This army is not up here because it is popular, well known or particularly significant, but because it is a varied army available cheaply. HaT is a better known producer of 1:72 scale figures, but has produced this range in 28mm, boxed in the same way as the 1:72 sets.

The army is made up of boxes 28005 (32 foot), 28006 (32 foot), 28018 (12 mounted) and 28019 (12 mounted). As these can be found for under £9 each, the army is quite inexpensive. 1 box of 28019 will provide all the heavy cavalry, 1 box of 28018 a mix of horse archers and light cavalry, and 28020 (Almoravid light cavalry) is good to bulk out the javelin armed ones.

1 box of 28005 will provide all the heavy foot at 4 to a double base, 1 box of 28006 will provide 2 units of slings, up to 6 of light javelins or 4 javelins and up to the maximum 6 bowmen. Some conversion work could get you 4 extra javelinmen, which would be more useful than the archers.

At £45 for the lot (cheaper if you get them during a sale from one of the many suppliers) this has to be the cheapest ADLG army you could field in 28mm. When the Spanish cavalry come out I’ll go through them as well.

90 – Barbarian

If plastic figures are made for one thing, it is getting the mass of barbarian horde armies at an affordable price. If you’re not too fussy (and I’m not), a single horde can represent Germans, Gauls, Britons, Galatians, and at a stretch Celtiberians and Goths.

The main contenders in this area are Warlord Games. £22 gets you a box of 40 warriors. At a reasonably spaced 4 to a double base, 3 boxes at £66 (There is a 3 box Germanic Warrior discount at £60) gets you the maximum 24 bases. With a judicious choice of figures, the leftovers can become skirmishers with javelins and (with a little sculpting) slings.

In practice you will probably want some cavalry as well. There are no boxes of purely plastic cavalry at the moment, but you can pick up some metals for about £20. Chariots also look fantastic but come in far more expensive.

Once again, while you’re waiting for an army to fight, your 200 point army can become 2 x 100 point armies for some tribal warfare, of which there was plenty.

Getting a head

Here is the progress with my sculpting – they now have jupon, saddles, feet and I’ve added spare arms and heads. I’m about to use tissue paper and watered down PVA glue to sculpt sleeves and knee plates which should help to unify the models. image

60 – Classical Greek

One of the favourite Armies that I’ve never had models for. The Classical Greek army is based on a solid block of spear-armed Hoplites, with ancillary arms of skirmishers and cavalry to support them.

Or not, as the first option would be to field an all-Hoplite army. 2 boxes of Victrix Hoplites would give you enough figures for a 200 point ADLG army, at 4 per base, and set you back £50. 3 boxes of Warlord Games Greek Phalanx would cost you £60 and give you 5 to a base. Back to 3 boxes of Victrix at £67.50 for 6 to a base. (assuming that you will make double depth bases and put fewer figures on them in nice dioramas – you never separate infantry units in the rules).

If you want different troop types the plastics provide most troops for your money, but the army cost rises quite quickly as they come in large numbers. Best value for variety is probably Victrix Greek peltasts, javelin men and slingers at £27 (by now you’ll have bough 3 boxes and got a discount) which will give you enough troops to field all the peltasts and psiloi you’d ever want, including Thracians. Best if you have a friend to split the cost and the models with.

A way of getting some cheap Psiloi is to buy a box of Victrix Unarmoured Hoplites and Archers as part of your Heavy infantry. Cavalry is always expensive but one box of Victrix Greek Heavy Cavalry will be £20 for more cavalry than you need. If you are into conversions you can probably get some light cavalry out of the mix of boxes you have purchased.

As a bonus, remember that a 200 point ADLG army is also 2 x 100 point armies, so until you have persuaded your friends to get their own you can fight 100 point Greek city state battles just with the troops you have.